White Paper : Rethinking Offsite Construction

June 7, 2018

photo courtesy: FMI

If prefabrication is the most popular off-site construction method among owners, why is the industry holding back on moving forward.

Lack of technical knowledge, resistance to change and inability to develop strategic plans were the top reasons given for the aversion to adopt offsite construction. Some companies have gone through the motions, but many have ultimately reverted to their conventional field build methods. -New Day, New Mindset. Forward by FMI Managing Director Michael Swistun

This is precisely one of the reasons Strategic has been so successful in developing their DIRTT client base; our process. Consult, Design, Visualize, Implement, Evaluate, Evolve. Our process easily translates the technology and implementation of DIRTT into a long-term value-add; you are seeing this in your strategic plans we have thoroughly developed with our team of industry experts. In summation, DIRTT + Strategic Spaces should be the path of least resistance. 

photo courtesy: DIRTT


“The study from FMI shows how dramatically things have changed over the last three years for the adoption of off-site/modular construction. DIRTT solves the residual concerns (integration, design assist, subtrade education…) better than anyone else.” Julie Pithers, DIRTT. 



It’s not an easy thing to convince some of these professionals that have been doing it the same way year after year that there is a better way. And you tell them and you can show them stuff on the computers and videos, but there is nothing better than showing them a job site and say “look what you can achieve.”- Dave Cvitkovich, Principle, Strategic Spaces speaking to the Strategic Spaces  Client Experience Center at 280 Summer Street.

It is possible to build quicker, cleaner, faster and more sustainable; there is a way to #buildbetter – #bestrategic

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