a step-by-step plan

spacemaker process

Our Spacemaker Process works because every step begins with us listening to you. To your business goals. To your aesthetic sensibilities. To your changes and modifications. To your final approval. To your plans for the future.
It’s our process, but it was created for you.


1. Consult

You have a vision for your new space. Before we make a single recommendation, we’ll get together so you can share that vision with us. Our team will work with you to determine the scope, goals, budget and timeline for your project.


2. Design

A dedicated interior designer assesses the design intent to develop a solution that meets the fit, feel and functionality you desire for your workspace. We’ll show you multiple options so you can make an informed decision about the design you choose.


3. Visualize

Today’s design software allows us to give you a “walkthrough” of your new space while it’s still in the planning stages. We’ll create a virtual 3D model so you can get the full experience before installation and make changes in real time.


4. Implement

A dedicated project manager works alongside your project team to coordinate on-site logistics for delivery and installation. We’re there every step of the way to ensure that goes according to plan right down to the last detail.


5. Evaluate

It’s time to find out how we did. We perform a thorough review of the completed installation to ensure that design and budget goals were met, gain live feedback from the project team and make any necessary adjustments.


6. Evolve

What’s next? The flexibility and modularity of your new space allows you to adapt and adjust the design intent through any changes to your organization. As your services and staff grow, your space can grow with you.

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