a few of our favorite spaces


Office space needs to be efficient, effective and inspiring. But, in a post-pandemic world, it also has to make people feel comfortable and secure. We design spaces that give your associates the flexibility to work on their own or to collaborate safely.

health care

We know that the form and function of a healthcare facility has a tremendous impact on patient outcomes. Creating a space that meets the needs of the patient, the caregiver and the staff is a skill that only comes with experience.

life sciences

The life science industry demands a lot from its workspaces. In addition to meeting and office space, researchers need state-of-the-art labs and experimental facilities. We design these spaces to advance at the speed of science.

higher ed

The classroom has evolved from rows of desks facing a chalkboard to an interactive, multi-media environment that needs to work for both teachers and students. And because the modern classroom continues to advance, each space needs to adapt to those changes.


Dark, cramped gyms with ancient equipment are a thing of the past. Today’s fitness centers are bright, spacious and adaptable to accommodate the latest exercise programs. We create fitness spaces that get people excited about going to the gym.


Lab work is complex and often delicate with an emphasis on precision. Our lab spaces combine state-of-the-art equipment and work areas that are conducive to intricate procedures and long hours.


Multi-family homes have become hubs for living, working and learning. We design authentic, innovative, effective spaces that strike a balance between public working and social areas and private sanctuaries.

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