The Trucks Roll-in on Verisk

November 18, 2020

‚ÄčThe future of office design fell into uncertain times in March, along with the future office space completion for  Verisk America, an estimated 100,000 SF space in Lafayette Center in Boston. This space would play host to 450 hoteling stations, conference and meeting rooms, a cafe, library, training rooms and lounge space.

But as soon as the order was to be submitted, offices were shutdown and the state in quarantine. The designers and partnering teams worked tirelessly, imagining all the variations of design that would satisfy new, ever changing protocols. This strong collaborative effort proved successful when the trucks rolled in on 10/30!

With a new layout devised, and added safety nets like the anti-bacterial treatments to fabrics and laser edge detail to conference tables to eliminate seams that could potentially contain germs, the teams were elated and ready to roll. 

That 1st delivery of 5 trucks for phase 1 contained Kimball panels and custom locker storage from Enwork. Expect to see something spectacular at the finish but for now, a sneak peak.

Construction is scheduled to complete January 8, 2021.

Architect and Interior Design IA 
Contractor Commodore Builders 
Installation Colonial Systems
Commercial Real Estate Team CBRE
Strategic Team
Elizabeth Walsh, Design.
Chris Achille, DIRTT Design.
Catherine Williams, Project Management, Furniture.
Dave Teggart, Project Management, DIRTT.