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We are a highly motivated team whose entrepreneurial spirit and core values are redefining the contract furniture and interior construction industries. 

Focused on performance, we favor talent and ability over age, degrees and titles.

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Please contact us for details


Please contact us for details

Construction Project Manager

Job description


DIRTT is a leading technology-driven manufacturer of highly customized interiors.


A wild-eyed construction enthusiast with thick skin. You feel sorry for status quo. A day without extreme challenge is a day to go out and dig up a challenge that needs you. Still, you can find it in your heart to work with and help people suspicious of new ways and ideas.

You will not be thanked by those who choose to live with the devil they know. In fact, you may be derided, deterred and dismissed. That is your fate when you bring something new and better to the entrenched and frightened. If this sounds like a gold-star mission to you, you might be DIRTT-worthy and should apply.


A DIRTT Project Manager is the eyes, ears and voice on every DIRTT solution we deliver. As a quick-thinking, multitasking problem-solver you’ll work with your DIRTT team, the client and contractors from the initial quote through the design, manufacturing and installation stages – and you’ll make sure the team exceeds client expectations.

* Detail oriented – You pay attention to the little things – in construction – they are where the real dollars are.

* Team Player – Your team consists of a DIRTT Champion, Designer and DIRTT Installation Tech. They will work with you to plan and schedule and plan and plan (some more) to have successful projects. Your personality will flow into being a terrific partner to the rest of the teams on the construction project.

* Product Knowledge – Your mission is to deeply understand DIRTT components and proprietary ICE® software inside and out. You will seem uncanny in your knowledge of their capabilities and how it all comes together most efficiently.

* Process Knowledge – DIRTT is a completely new world. You will love it once you learn it and embrace the process.

* Schedule and Plan – You are great at evaluating the situation and creating a construction plan that balances cost + quality + time.

* See the future – You can identify and qualify RISK – and plan to mitigate it in all things you do.

* Construction Knowledge – You can talk the talk and walk the walk. You understand it all! You’ll be speaking with General Contractors who will not take you seriously unless you feel comfortable in that environment

* Patience and persistence – follow up like the Terminator

* Multitasker – you shift gears like an F1 driver and happily redirect your attention when the situation demands

* A leader – You confidently attend construction meetings, answer questions and provide solutions – sometimes alone!

* Independent – Away from the team you work well independently, without constant direction

* Passionate- Once your DIRTT knowledge grows, you can confidently suggest what the client doesn’t see or know is a solution available to them (sell!). You do this while keeping the rest of the team apprised of your good work.

* Hard worker- You are A-OK with working late at times to meet client deadlines. We rarely punch out at 5


Bachelor’s Degree (Preferred)


Must have 5+ years of  experience in the construction, design or similar industry.

A network built within the construction /architectural/ design community (preferred).

Proficient in reading and understanding construction plans, specifications and documents.

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