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Strategic Spaces is a high performance Partner of DIRTT,  a leading technology-driven manufacturer of highly customized sustainable interiors. DIRTT stands for “Doing It Right This Time” and as a DIRTT Partner, we don’t make products, we build projects. While our components are best in class, it is the way you use them that makes them special. You tailor them to your needs and they are built quickly in a protected, clean factory ready for installing in your space. 


The key to DIRTT’s flexibility is technology. DIRTT uses ICE® software, an intelligent Java-based 3D application that creates interactive environments in real time, using clear, graphic communication to design, envision, specify, price, manufacture and deliver any product open to modification. ICE eliminates the potential for human error or possible design misinterpretation by a third party, cutting down on lead-times and reducing unnecessary product waste. With ICE and DIRTT, what you see is what you get.


DIRTT Walls are open to more function and more customization than any other in the industry, giving designers virtually unlimited freedom. The patented wall elements allow work surfaces, overheads, displays, and any other object to be mounted seamlessly off the surface, without damage. The walls support legacy and new furniture, are reconfigurable, and easily refinished to suit future needs.


DIRTT Millwork is fully customizable, modular cabinetry. Just like traditional millwork, you can create the perfect piece to fit the perfect space, but with DIRTT Millwork you get a set price, fast lead-time, smooth install and long-term agility. DIRTT Millwork can morph into what you need, in the size you need, at the speed you need, and it all hangs from the horizontal support within the walls.


DIRTT provides a low-profile access floor suitable for power, data and building management technologies. It is designed to give you fast installation, inherent cable management, a quiet foot-fall and quick, easy access to make moves, adds and changes to your power infrastructure.


To create a fully agile space, DIRTT offers modular plug-and-play power and data. DIRTT Power and DIRTT Networks integrate directly into DIRTT Walls. This provides control over the part of the office that changes the most, without the need to bring in expensive trades or dispose of wire and cables every time there is a move, add or change.


Ceilings are an integral part of any DIRTT solution – practically and aesthetically. While they’re a key component in managing the acoustics of a space, they can also be an eye-catching, attention-grabbing feature.


DIRTT’s approach to innovative wood construction blends the tradition of European craftsmanship with the speed, customization and flexibility of DIRTT’s modern manufacturing. The structures deliver free-standing, multi-level solutions for structures or high-ceiling spaces such as tradeshows, factories and warehouses. They can be assembled quickly, with minimal labor, and re-assembled multiple times with little wear and tear. You can create complex or simple geometric shapes and incredible curved or angled cuts to make your space truly unique. The possibilities are unlimited.



DIRTT — Doing It Right This Time — creates customizable, sustainable architectural interiors. At DIRTT’s core is a set of robust interface elements that support reconfiguration, extreme levels of customization, and distributed manufacturing. DIRTT’s solutions include DIRTT Walls, DIRTT Millwork, DIRTT Raised Access Flooring, DIRTT Power and DIRTT Networks, along with cutting-edge ICE® technology, and ICEberg®, a powerful modular vs. traditional construction cost-comparison tool.

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