Our Story


Your Space is limitless…

Combining over 30 years of experience in the furniture industry Dave Cvitkovich and team founded Strategic Workspaces in 2003, determined to make customer service paramount, and to intersect business strategy with the design of office interiors. 

Michael Maude joined the ownership team a few short years later, bringing an unquenchable passion and drive, opening client dialogues within the Healthcare, Higher Education and Life Science verticals. A richly developed dialogue that had the team craving an even deeper connection for their clients and their workspace solutions. 

Enter DIRTT, a technology-driven manufacturer of highly customized prefabricated interiors. With minimal waste, fast lead times and a precise fit and finish, Strategic was now able to build-out the spaces that reflected the entire client vision.

With their name no longer reflecting their humble beginnings it was time for Strategic to shed the “Workspaces” cocoon. Doing just this, the rebranded Strategic Spaces built-out their own unique Client Experience Center showcasing the endless DIRTT and furniture design options to clients, architects, design executives and industry confidants. 

Upon a visit to 280 Summer in the beautiful Seaport area of Boston you will find a company differentiated by their highly insightful, compassionate and creative family of employees and their streamlined, well-developed and successful process.

A company that began with an idea – your space is where you house your people and create your unique, identifiable culture, it is where you house your technology and your key processes. When designed and built effectively, can be the critical difference between mediocrity and excellence. 

…Be Strategic about it.